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Interactive and engaging trivia entertainment, for any event.

It's trivia, made social.

What We Do

Founded in 1999, QuizMasters is Manitoba's premiere trivia entertainment company.


Our method is simple, straightforward and based on 20 years of experience in the trivia entertainment business. We're confident we have your trivia entertainment answer!

Our Services

What We Do

QuizNights are informal trivia competitions where teams contend with one another by answering interesting, amusing and sometimes challenging questions. Answers are marked, points are tallied and the team with the most points at the end of the game wins!

Every QuizNight is designed to entertain and might even get you out of your seat! From fundraisers to corporate events to private entertainment and even wedding socials, there's a QuizNight for every occasion.


We do QuizNights for schools, sports teams, wedding socials, churches, non-profits and charities looking for a different way to raise funds. Our program is fully customizable so it's easy to combine a QuizNight with other fundraising vehicles like side games, silent auctions, dinners, or raffles.

Corporate Events

Whether your company is large or small, a QuizNight is a perfect way to bring co-workers together to celebrate success, team-build or simply to unwind. QuizNights can be easily incorporated into conferences, wellness days, staff appreciation events or pivate parties.


Whether it's a holiday party or an alternative wedding social, QuizNights provide an interactive spin on your typical social event. Rather than providing your guests with passive forms of entertainment, QuizNights get participants active, talking and most importantly - having fun!

See What People Are Saying

"Due to popular demand, Pinawaw Pulic Library has held a very successful QuizNight for the past five years. After last year's sell out (with waiting list), we're looking at how we can fit in more teams next time. Not only a library fundraiser, it's a lot of fun, kind of like a social but without the loud music. Quizmaster Robin Allan keeps things interesting throughout the evening and everyone looks forward to it."

- Marg Stokes, Pinawa Public Library



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